How to Read This Novel

My name is Penelope Hagan, aka Lone Peep.

Welcome to my fictionalized semi-autobiographical novel, Mawmouth: The Life of A Child.

INSTRUCTIONS: How to Read This Novel

  • The Prologue is always at the top.
  • The most recent chapter is always underneath the Prologue.
  • If you are just beginning to read, follow the chapters listed in the Prologue.
  • Or, visit the LIST OF CHAPTERS

This is a long story based loosely on my growing-up years in Ontario. I had a strange and often disturbed childhood there, experiencing intersections of geography, race, culture, sexuality, religion and family that all profoundly influenced who I am today. The artist, the philosopher, the musician, the sex shaman, the healer. And yes, of course, the writer.

In writing about these things, in no way do I wish to harm or slander the past participants or circumstances of my life. This is predominantly a work of fiction that tells the truth about many things I experienced, but everything is deeply caricatured into metaphor, myth and fantasy.

Your comments, responses, questions and thoughtful critiques are welcome.

I will endeavour to post a new installment once or twice weekly. I hope you enjoy my writing!

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